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Stainless Steel Drums

Australia Pacific World Traders Pty Ltd specialises in the supply of 205 litre steel drums, stainless steel drums, food lines, oxygen generating plants, welding equipment, plywood, telecommunication towers, aluminium boats, outboard motors and float glass which are as a result of a demand from many clients for these products.

We now have a close working relationship with several of the major shipping companies as we are now at a level of transporting between 50 to 100, 40 foot containers per annum, which enables us to give excellent rates to our customers in the islands.

Steel Drums for Food, Essential Oils and Chemicals

Our 20, 25 or 30 litre stainless steel drums are designed for the purpose of transporting and storing Essential oils and chemicals, or the 205 Litre Steel drum with integrated HMDPE liner food grade certification.